MKMMA-week 1

Hello everyone this is my first blog post on master key.
Your probably wondering what master key system is about?
Well the first live webinar happened last Sunday from Hawaii.
Even though it was a packed 2 hours the content was inspiring and I was left touched, moved and inspired.
Given my initial reaction was I’m overwhelmed and this is difficult ; I was present to a model that was mentioned about our personal blueprint.
The content of our blueprint we may be consciously aware of. However, there are things that are in our sub conscious that we may be totally unaware of.
And these may manifest as unconscious habits.

There was a beautiful metaphor regarding a golden Buddha in Thailand.
Aware of an imminent invasion by foreign armies the monks hit the gold statue under a layer of cement.
As it happened the invading army became an occupying Army for many years.
So long in fact everyone forgot about the golden Buddha.
One day a monk saw a piece of gold when a toe was cracked and everyone rejoiced and restored the Buddha to its former glory.
What I got from that is that I have been looking outside for answers. In reality it is all within.
When we are not true to ourselves a layer of concrete occurs.
So much so we forget about our greatness.
What do you have to let go of? What are you resisting right now ? What you resist persists.

The other insight was that most people- myself included have been challenged through having no purpose in life.
This shows up as a lack of fun, joy and connection.

Our first assignment is to dig deep and look at our life’s purpose.

What is clear the most valuable commodity we trade in is…..time!

Time once spent will never be regained.The saying that what goes up must come down is bogus when related to time. 
Our age goes up but doesn’t come down. Once spent is gone forever.
Have a great week!